Hungarian Souvenir & Gift Shop

MARKET 1 - Pinch of Hungary

Market 1

The Market 1 - Budapest

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Market 1 for customers from all around the world looking to take home a piece of Budapest.

We have taken the utmost care in the design of our souvenir store. The layout is open and modern so that all feel welcome and can easily look around the gift shop and find the one or many things that they love in our store.

It was imperative for us to have traditionally handmade items that people could take home as wonderful gifts or as cherished memories.

We have selected Hungary’s best handcrafted items to choose from!

This is a true Hungarian Shop where one can find everything Hungarian!

We have a wide array of goose liver, jams, chocolates, and the Hungarian paprika.
If it’s salami or sausages you are looking for we also make sure to keep the best available!

We also haven’t forgotten about the kids with an assortment of toys to choose from.

Hungary is becoming more and more well known for its wine, with 22 historical wine regions we have made sure to make a wide selection available for our customers.

Whether it’s a souvenir, a handmade gift, wine, or some delicacy Market 1 has it all. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our souvenir store and offering our help in taking home the perfect gifts!